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        The world powder metallurgy conference first settled in China today.


                 2018 the World Conference on powder metallurgy (WORLDPM2018) was held in Beijing from September 17th to 20. The world powder conference is held every two years. It is the highest level international conference in powder metallurgy industry. This is the first time that the world powder metallurgy conference has attracted much attention. It is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Metal Society (CSM) and the CPMA. It attracts more than 1000 experts and scholars from 32 countries and regions, such as Sweden, Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia and China. People gathered in Beijing to explore the sustainable development of the world's powder metallurgy engineering and technology.

                The theme of the conference is: to create high-end platforms, strengthen industry exchanges, share the latest achievements, and achieve win-win cooperation. Leaders from ministries and research institutes such as the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the State Administration for Foreign Affairs attended the meeting to witness the most authoritative academic meeting of the world's powder metallurgy industry. The meeting was co-chaired by Zhao Pei, chairman of the strategic alliance for technological innovation in powder metallurgy industry, and Tian Zhiling, vice-president of China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd. Former Minister of Science and Technology of China, Xu Guanhua, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Chinese Metal Society, and the National New Material Advisory Committee. Director, former Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gan Yong, Vice-Director of the High-tech Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Cao Guoying, etc. addressed the meeting, fully affirmed the development achievements of the global powder metallurgy industry, and placed great expectations on the future development of powder metallurgy. At the meeting, renowned experts, such as Gan Yong, Huang Boyun, Wang Huaming, Dong Yang, Zhang Shaoming, Li Huilong, Li Chunlong, Kazunari Shinagawa, Bernd Kieback, Matthew Bulger, made brilliant academic reports. Around the new theory, new technology, new products and new applications of powder metallurgy, the world's manufacturing and new material industries were discussed in depth. And the opportunities and challenges faced by the powder metallurgy industry. The conference lasted for four days. According to different research directions of powder metallurgy, 15 related theme venues, 7 interest theme venues, 91 academic reports and 570 professional papers were set up. In addition, the World Congress Awards for Individuals and Products will be presented and the Powder Metallurgy Industry Summit Forum will be held on the 19th.

                                                                    General Assembly co chair



          The world Powder Metallurgy Exhibition held in the same period showcased the latest technology and products in the world powder metallurgy field. The convening of this conference has played a positive role in strengthening the exchanges and cooperation among the powder metallurgy industries in the world and promoting the development of the global powder metallurgy industry.

          Powder metallurgy technology is a globally recognized green, efficient, low carbon, sustainable manufacturing technology, more and more attention by the manufacturing industry and the government of the world, occupies a very important position in the economic development of countries. Powder metallurgy technology and products play an irreplaceable role in defense and military industry, energy and transportation, high-end equipment, petroleum and petrochemical industry, new generation electronic components,

                  new medical devices and other industries. Today, nanotechnology and additive manufacturing technology have also entered the new field of powder metallurgy. After decades of development, China's powder metallurgy technology and industry have made remarkable breakthroughs and achievements, and made important contributions to the development of national economy and defense industry.

                The convening of the global summit on powder metallurgy will bring China's powder metallurgy industry into the development tide of world powder metallurgy with a more forward-looking vision, a more open mind and a deeper cooperation. The conference will also strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in the field of powder metallurgy, and promote the global powder metallurgy industry to achieve win-win cooperation and coordinated development at a higher quality and level. I believe that with the power of scientific and technological innovation and the charm of new materials, powder metallurgy technology will open up a new chapter in a better life for people all over the world!

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